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Protect yourself against squatting WITH ADT

ADT is bringing you th ebest solution against squatting, Would you like to know how?

The legislative process to expel a squatter from a house in Spain is very expensive, an average of € 11,000 in the last two years without taking into account the emotional costs.

Once they enter your house and after 48 hours you can’t do anything.

The moment you have an alarm system with CRA, if someone tries to occupy your home or enters, the system gives an immediate notice to the police, and they act as if it were a robbery and have the power to detain the squatters.

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Unprotected House without alarm

  1. Slow judicial process.
  2. Squatters will appear voluntarily before the judge.
  3. Long and traumatic process.
  4. Housing in poor condition.
  5. There is the possibility that squatters become insolvent and cannot pay the expenses generated (electricity, water, gas or damage to the property).
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ADT Protected House

  1. Breaking and entering.
  2. ADT warns the police that they will be responsible for the arrest of the squatters as it is treated as a robbery and the problem is over.
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Wherever you are, let nothing surprise you

Can you imagine coming home after a relaxing walk on the beach and finding that your door has been forced? Or to be enjoying a great shopping day and suddenly your neighbour calls you saying that someone has entered your house: They have break into!

Imagine that you go back to your country of origin to visit your loved ones and when you return to Spain … surprise! there is someone living in your house!

In a few minutes someone could take advantage of your absence to squat or rob your home. Only in 2020, 77,498 burglaries were committed at homes in Spain. And with these data, it is better to be cautious and live with the best peace of mind.

This is the alarm you need

We present the ADT alarm, an interactive high-pressure alarm security and the most advanced technology that will offer you total control and protection through any device.

The ADT alarm not only automatically detects and warns of any attempted theft or occupation, reporting in a matter of seconds to the police, but also acts as a preventive element against thieves and squatters.


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Deterrent plate

Warn that your home is protected by ADT deterring intruders and thieves.


Image detector

Instantly capture images of any intruder.


Alarm App

Total control of your home in the palm of your hand.


LCD keypad

Arm and disarm the alarm system with specific codes and configure different users.


Movement detector

Detect any movement in protected areas.



Arm and disarm the alarm system, configure users and codes. Record all events.


Remote control

Set your alarms wherever you are. Includes panic, medical emergency and duress button.

So that nothing steals
your peace of mind

ADT Alert alarms

More than an intelligent alarm: total control of your home with the most advanced technology.

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ADT Alert Features

  • Medical alert

  • Notice to Police

  • Immediate response

  • Video and audio verification

  • Multivia service

  • Inhibition detection



  • 1 Panel control with LCD keypad with GSM / GPRS module

  • 1 keyboard

  • 1 remote control

  • 2 Video detectors

  • 1 motion detector

Installation (VAT included)
CRA connection fee / month

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  • 1 Panel control with LCD keypad with GSM / GPRS module
  • 1 keyboard
  • 2 Remote control
  • 4 Video detectors
  • 1 motion detector
  • 1 SOS remote
Installation (VAT included)
CRA connection fee / month

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ADT Smart Security Alarms

View and control your home when and where you want. Includes advanced security and video systems.

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ADT Visión Features

  • Live broadcast
  • Safe storage
  • Video alerts
  • Recordings 24/7
  • Guaranteed privacy
  • The most complete security


  • ADT Alert Pack or ADT Alert Premium Pack
  • 1 Full HD IP camera not connected to the ARC
Installation (VAT included)
CRA connection fee / month

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  • ADT Alert Pack or ADT Alert Premium Pack
  • 2 Full HD IP camera not connected to the ARC
Installation (VAT included)
CRA connection fee / month

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Test Rose Hamilton

There comes a time in your life when you just want to relax and enjoy life. I moved to my home in Spain looking for tranquillity and a good climate. But since I was alone and older, I was afraid that something bad could happen to me or my house. They recommended Mileniun ‘s security system to protect not only my property but myself. Now I enjoy myself without so much fear of being robbed.

Rose Hamilton
Test Peter Koch

A few months ago, they broke into my house when we were not there and took some valuables. You cannot imagine the helplessness I felt at that moment when I walked in and found it all mixed up. Since then I have searched the Internet for various Alarm Systems, but I did not quite understand all that technical language. Then, on the recommendation of a neighbour, I spoke with Mileniun, who manages the Community of my Residence and they told me about the alarms they have. I did not even think about it! I hired security with them and since then we have lived much calmer.

Peter Koch
test james harold

When we bought our home in Spain we were amazed to discover that everything is very different here and we felt a bit lost at first. But thanks to Mileniun who helped us in our personal issues and gave us a lot of useful information, we were able to quickly enjoy our home and the wonderful surroundings. We decided to contract the security system with them, since in addition to offering excellent conditions, we knew that we were not going to fail with them.

James Harold
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Mileniun Levante, since 1994 taking care of you

Mileniun Levante is a Property Administration company that stands out for offering its Community of Owners a comfortable and excellent experience, managing issues such as security, the supply of electrical services and of course, everything related to the homes and lands themselves.

Our main objective is that your life in Spain is, in addition to being comfortable, a safe and calm experience. For this reason, and with the help of ADT, a leading Security Company with a presence in more than 80 countries and more than 145 years of experience, we offer an advanced and approved security protection system to those owners who need it.

Contracting with Mileniun has many advantages

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Join the Discounts Club

Join the ADT club and get discounts from leading brands in food, technology, home,
cosmetics, leisure, activities, travel, perfumery, and much more!

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Advanced Cybersecurity

We offer you the best advanced Cybersecurity for your home: security and antivirus, equipment optimization, comprehensive technology assistance, protection of digital life and more services, if you are interested, contact us.
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Legal defense with Legalitas

Have a trusted lawyer whom you can consult on data protection, debt recovery, specialized legal advice etc. We are at your disposal if you are interested in this service.

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Frequent questions
How long would it take to install my alarm?
From the hiring of the service, it will take between 3 and 5 days to install the alarm in your home with the help of a security specialist.
In the event of an attempted robbery, who calls the police?
If an alarm trip is detected, the monitoring station and the owner will be notified immediately.

From the alarm receiving center you will have access to images of the interior so that they can operate.

In the event of a break-in, the police will be notified immediately. The owner will be able to see it through his mobile device if he is not at the property.

How reliable is this alarm system?
With its multi-channel broad spectrum HHSS technology, it is able to bypass any blocking of frequencies and inhibitory interferences, making it a very reliable security system.
Will these alarms prevent any illegal squatting?
These alarms are grade 2, so they prevent and avoid any illegal squatting in your home.
Which alarm kit is best for me?
From the ADT Alert to the ADT Vision Pro they fulfil the necessary functions of security, prevention and protection. The variation is established in the added services. We will advise you on which is the best system for you once we know your needs and those of your home.
What guarantees does this alarm system have?
ADT alarms have four prestigious international certifications that value their alarm management services.
How does the alarm App work?
The alarm App allows you to control the security and all the smart components of your home.

• Manage the security system at any time.
• Streaming video of your home or business.
• Control all connected devices.
• Check your highlights of the day

What should I do if I am interested in hiring a security service with you?

If you are interested in hiring an alarm system with us, you just have to call us at (+34) 965 320 908. You can also fill out the form that we show below and we will be in touch with you.

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